Solving problems is what we do. While others say “Impossible”, we already get it done. Read on to discover Xpitec’s areas of expertise.

Full Life Cycle Approach

Every product, software or hardware, will go through the entire Product Life Cycle from inception to retirement. At Xpitec we pride ourselves in providing solutions to not only the immediate problem at hand, but also to the wider Product Life Cycle. This means significantly longer lasting, well thought through solutions that address a longer term needs for our clients.


Xpitec engineers are well versed in taking raw user requirements to develop into specifications.


Xpitec design patterns, experience and technologies are at the core of implementing products to meet specifications.


Performance testing is done to confirm the implementation against set specifications.


Technologies, techniques and experience within Xpitec enables seamless integration of systems reliably.


Qualification and certification of products with associated supporting evidence is something we do every day.


Roll-out and scaling up production of units require a diverse skill set and the right tools.


In-field support and returns for repair can be costly without the right support tools.

Specialised Services

Electronic Design and Development

Electronic hardware is at the core of Xpitec's business. Our team of highly qualified, experienced electronic and computer engineers are well versed in turning real world problems into electronic solutions.

Turn-key Electronic Product Development

Taking a concept to completed product requires a wide set of skills and the correct supporting infrastructure. Xpitec is geared to take your idea to reality, and beyond!

Product Life Cycle Support

What makes Xpitec different is the Product Life Cycle approach we take to everything we do. We support our clients' electronic products at each and every stage of their development.

Software Development

Software was where it all started. Software development remains a core competency of Xpitec. Be it Embedded, Platform-based, Hard real-time or Safety and Mission Critical software, this is what we do.

System Engineering & Integration

Xpitec System Engineering draws on years of previous expertise in implementing, maintaining and improving systems in a multitude of problem spaces.

Electronic Test Equipment

Test Equipment design, development and implementation is another key area of Xpitec's business. Implementing test equipment that remains in applicable throughout the development life cycle gives us the edge.