Xpitec has established a number of products and technologies through the years to augment its service offering. These products can be used standalone or in conjunction with Xpitec’s other products and services to realise your vision. Read on to discover the products available from Xpitec.


  • Heimdall is more than just telemetry capture software. It is a software system and framework for describing, processing, transporting, analysing and displaying data structures, data streams and setup information.
  • Applications for Heimdall range from real time data capture and analysis, data recording, interface control, system qualification support and live monitoring of system variables and information.
  • Designed with Reliability, Ease of Use and Expandability as core principles, Heimdall is the ultimate solution to interpret and analyse any digital data stream.

Electronic Test Equipment

  • Reliable, efficient and accurate Test Equipment is a key ingredient to ensuring a product’s success during development, production and after-sales support.
  • Xpitec’s experience in anything from highly complex to high volume Test Equipment systems used throughout the Product Life Cycle mean we know exactly how to help solve your Test Equipment challenges.
  • Integrating, extending or automating existing Test Equipment systems is made easier and more cost effective through Xpitec’s in-house developed ACRES and Scripting technologies.

Phoenix ARCNET Cards

  • ARCNET remains a deterministic networking technology at the core of many mission critical systems.
  • Keeping systems that interact with ARCNET operational and serviceable is a constant challenge with continuous advancements in computer technology.
  • Xpitec's line of PCI Express Phoenix ARCNET Cards implement RS485 and Hybrid electrical interfaces along with TenAsys Intime drivers for hard realtime performance.

ACRES Protocol

  • The Agile Command-Response Effector System protocol is Xpitec's answer to reliably integrating systems with speed and scale in mind.
  • The protocol is structured from the ground up to be simple, flexible and powerful - yet easy to extend and document.
  • It draws on well-established techniques and design patterns combined with a novel implementation framework to be up and running in no time.

IOT Devices

  • Xpitec is the Original Equipment Manufacturer and designer of all Xemote IoT devices.
  • All Xemote devices are designed and developed in house, and feature some of the most advanced technologies the industry has to offer.