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Xemote™ - Monitoring Solutions

All Xemote™ units are designed to be installed with little infrastructure installation or modifications. It can utilise existing network or wireless infrastructure or create its own wireless network. Measurements are sent to the Xemote™ cloud from which users are able to view their data. Graph visualisation tools allow the users to combine various parameters on one graph to get a holistic view of their systems. Each measurement parameter can have multiple triggers and users to be notified via sms or email.


SenseMatrix - Production Management

SenseMatrix is a state of the art production data gathering and management system, it uses the latest technologies available using .NET technologies. Workstations are rated as IP65 and manufactured from CR318 stainless steel suitable for food and other production industries. Investment in a production system requires a company that understands the unique business and evolving requirements of a company.

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eBHD - Build History

The eBHD is production data gathering and management system specifically focused on the manufacture and testing of single serialised sub-system components that when collectively assembled together form a new (or higher level) serialised production item process.

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