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eBHD is an electronic build history data gathering and management system.

The electronic Build History Database (eBHD) system provides real-time capturing, on-line data viewing and various report generation in the field of production manufacturing and testing. The eBHD allows for integration with existing Test Equipment from test result retrieval and provide third party data export and integration oeprations. The eBHD System can be access via on-site and off-site means.

Features of the eBHD Electronic Build History System

Allows the production management team to generate their own custom production job card form.

Provide the means to allocate internal purchase order and/or tracking details to serialised Route / Job Cards. The Production Management team are able to control the generation and/or cancellation serialised route cards as required.

Allows for the production operator to use biometric technology to acknowledge instructions, 2D Scanners to capture any barcoded bar and to manually enter additional data via terminal electronically into the system. Any automatic captured test data shall automatically be displayed on the serialised route / job card. Additional externally supplied documentation (i.e. COC, calibration certificates, etc.) can be electronically attached to a specific serialised Route / Job Card.

The responsible persons can view and approve or reject a submitted route / job card. Approval(s) from designated person can be applied to specific steps on a Route / Job Card before the production operator is allowed to proceed and hence providing QA production check points in your current process.

The system is able to communicate with and synchronise other eBHD Systems that reside on other off-site locations outside of your current production facility.

Allows for a variety of standard and limited customised production reports to be generated. The reports detail the production progress on a single, group or production order items, or several production items.

allows the production management team to generate delivery notes and Certificate of Conformances using captured production data.

Customised export and import production data file handling can be implemented to suit the need of your business system and processes.

The eBHD System allows for any device (i.e. cellphone, tablet, PC / laptop, etc.) that has a web-browser and internet access to login and view the production data managed by the eBHD System regardless of your location.

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