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SenseMatrix is a production data gathering and management system used for reporting and administration.

SenseMatrix is a state of the art production data gathering and management system, it uses the latest technologies available using .NET technologies. Workstations are rated as IP65 and manufactured from CR318 stainless steel suitable for food and other production industries. Investment in a production system requires a company that understands the unique business and evolving requirements of a company.

Features of the SenseMatrix Production Management System

Reporting is provided via a web interface, using a standard format such as pdf. The reporting module adds value added reports such as productivity reports, line stop/start report, production yield reports, as well as other management level reports.

Stock management is crucial to most production management systems, and with real time input and output data collection, SenseMatrix is able to estimate stock in real time. The stock management module includes stock age analysis and stock turnover reports.

With the ability for SenseMatrix to setup pre-defined alert conditions, it is able so send real time notifications to users. Management is thus able to receive emails or SMS's on conditions such as line stoppages, or other conditions of interest. SenseMatrix also allows for pre-defined schedules to be set for reports and exports of data.

The tracking and tracing module includes the capability to follow the path of individual items in the SenseMatrix system. By making use of RF-tags (Radio Frequency) or 2D- Barcodes, the system can trace an end product to its original supplier or batch of ingredients.

A live dashboard gives management a comprehensive view of current and historic production data and events. The dashboard provides multiple views on the same data, typically used by management staff. The dashboard also combines input and output data to obtain a holistic view.

SenseMatrix exposes data though the use of standard web service interfaces or API's (Application Programming Interfaces). It also support legacy software, where data are exported to flat files. This enables effortless third party integration with the system.

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