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Electronic Engineering and IT fused into a single entity! Please vist our Services page and Products page for more information. “Impossible is Nothing!”

Foremost, Xpitec believes in building long term relationships with customers. Providing products as well as software and hardware engineering services for customer projects requires us to always be at the forefront of changing technology. Each problem space is always unique! Our graduated team of engineers are encouraged to push boundaries and implement sound and maintainable solutions.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Support
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Where is the support when I need it? This is especially true when involved with customer projects. Our engineers work together with customer project teams from concept phase to qualification. Our software and hardware products are supplemented by maintenance and support agreements that work for the needs of our customers.

  • All times are GMT +2
  • Live Support (8 AM to 5 PM Mon - Fri)
  • Phone Support (8 AM to 5 PM Mon - Fri)
  • Email Support (8 AM to 5 PM Mon - Fri)
  • When the customer talks we listen completely
  • We do not state problems, we state solutions
  • Each customer is treated as if they are the only customer of Xpitec
  • We do not believe in short term gain with clients but rather in long term relationships
  • Our slogan is “Impossible is nothing”

Our multi-disciplined team brings together many technologies that would otherwise be viewed in isolation to very specific solutions. By combining our embedded electronic design and software development with information technology we are capable of providing a complete solution such as the IoT (Internet of Things). This synergy of technology opens up possibilities that would otherwise not have been possible. Management information and analytics plays an important role in any organisations operation management and our fusion of different technologies enables us to provide management with insights into their processes and operations that would previously have difficult or would have required various disparate systems.

As the Vessel Mounted Equipment Integration Manager for the Umkhonto-IR Surface-To-Air Missile programme at Denel Dynamics we have complex requirements to support our systems. We have called upon Xpitec's support many times and always get quick and excellent support from them. Importantly they are innovative to seek the best solution to any problem. Xpitec is proactive in recommending and implementing changes that improve our current systems. We have no hesitation in heartily recommending them to any business; large or small!
Braam LouwDenel Dynamics
It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Xemote™ Remote Monitoring Solutions. The experience at each phase of engagement through POC, sales and implementation was superior, with your specific emphasis on long-term business relations and customer satisfaction. Your team’s commitment to professionalism and organization, such as innovative and customised development, useful insights on improvements to critical systems and effective and proactive facilitation during the sales & negotiations process made bringing this relationship to fruition that much easier. Your own insights into challenges associated with HACCP compliance struck a loud chord. The Xemote™ XEM1500 Remote Monitoring Application is an excellent tool for the improvement of process control and risk management within our business and we are confident that it will positively contribute to improving our bottom-line. It is with great confidence that I would gladly and enthusiastically encourage any organization to apply Xemote™ to their relevant monitoring and measurement requirements, as well as the engaging and enjoyable experience you and your team provide.

Engineering Services

We use the latest technologies to find cost effective solutions for our client’s projects.

Information Technology

Our development expertise allows us to offer varied customized ASP.Net Application Development services to clients globally.


Industrially and commercially we focus on developing innovative, sustainable environmentally sensitive and energy efficient solutions.


Our highly skilled team of electronics and computer engineers have worked on the most technologically advanced defence projects.


Xemote™ is an affordable environmental monitoring solution and its “one device, many sensors” design philosophy complies with industrial standards. It is already deployed by large food production organisations to enhance food safety, process control and audit compliance.


SenseMatrix is a red meat abattoir production system with integrated financial capabilities.


A production recording and QA management system to track and store build information during every stage of product testing and assembly.


An electronic system developed for hygiene quality management integrated with our Xemote™ Critical Control Point remote monitoring capabilities.

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