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INtime for Windows software combines deterministic, hard real-time control with standard Windows operating systems without requiring additional hardware. INtime for Windows was designed specifically to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of the x86 processor architecture. This allows real-time and non-real-time applications to run independently on a PC Platform running on a single Core or multi-core processors, resulting in a secure, cost-effective, reliable real-time control application environment that is easy to develop and maintain.
INtime for Windows software allows you to leverage a wealth of standard Windows features and off-the-shelf applications without compromising the real-time control your applications demand. Achieve microsecond response times while exercising complete control over your real-time processes with reliable and predictable results.
INtime software is field proven in hundreds of applications running millions of flawless execution hours. INtime software's full-featured, real-time (RTOS) kernel supports 256 priority levels and round robin scheduling within each level. INtime software also includes a full complement of inter-process communication and synchronization mechanisms that support the high-end real-time needs of the most demanding embedded applications.

Many applications require Windows as a component of the solution, but also require real-time or time-deterministic elements. The Windows operating system is a reliable, full-featured, general purpose operating system designed from the ground up with features such as a pre-emptive, multitasking kernel and built-in protection and security mechanisms. However, Windows is neither deterministic nor capable of responding to events in real time. Its kernel consists of a deferred procedure call (DPC) engine with no supported mechanisms to prioritize code execution using any Windows API.
Applications requiring reliable sub-millisecond response times with accurate, predictable execution of control processes must have the absolute determinism found in a real-time kernel. INtime for Windows is designed to run alongside a standard Windows environment on a PC architecture to provide full deterministic, hard real-time capabilities.
In cases where it is necessary for Windows applications to communicate with real time applications/processes, INtime for Windows has a built-in interface through the NTX API which enables them to share the contents of real-time objects as well as coordinate activities.

INtime applications are edited, compiled and debugged using off-the-shelf Microsoft Visual Studio used to build standard Windows applications. There is no need to purchase or learn how to use additional development tools. Visual Studio Project Wizard guides you through key design decisions to automatically generate code. Integration with the online help system ensures quick access to the details of the INtime real-time API. What’s more, because the INtime application runs in protected mode (ring 3) as opposed to extensions that run in unprotected parts of the kernel, any code faults are trapped and can be debugged within the Visual Studio environment.

From the moment that INtime for Windows was first released, TenAsys has been committed to continually enhancing INtime and updating it to support the latest PC platlforms, processors, Windows OS and the latest Visual Studio developement enviroment. Please refer to compatibility matrix to find out what version of Windows and Visual Studio are supported today and for legacy INtime for Windows installations.

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